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Song of Numbers
The power of music
is not its inherent sound
but how it meshes
with the beat
already in us
Where to stop a line
an emphasis on time
dancing around
the boundary
of our perception
It gives a taste
of another world
just outside
and always outside
our grasp
A hint
or tease
that isn't bitter
simply, anxiously
:iconpath-to-paradise:Path-to-Paradise 7 9
Register 6
An endless stream of worlds found their way before Ted. Each was unique in its entirety, however there were common facets that Ted had come to recognize. An overlap, if you will, amongst the current universe in question.
Toilet paper. Milk. Soda. These were staples in the infinitely varied worlds that came to Ted on the little black treadmill every day. Every day that he worked at Super Foodmart, that is. His own mind a world unto itself, he formulated an equation with each new land presented. They were systematically summed up into neat, paper bags.
Actually, it wasn't each world that Ted dwelled on so much, but moreso the inhabitants. Some were more alien than others. A relative term, perhaps, but as far as Ted was concerned you had to have a very good reason to buy ten jars of wheat germ and still be considered normal by any means.
It was October twentieth when the proverbial monkey wrench found its way into Ted's world. A monkey wrench made of knives and first aid kits. Deciding to
:iconpath-to-paradise:Path-to-Paradise 2 2
The Root
Sometimes I wonder
if poetry is the result
of a tortured mind
without a life to live
then I think
of poetry that sings
drawn from a spring
of love and comfort
and it hits me
that poetry is
an outflowing of emotion
good or bad
a pining of heart
whether it swells
or bleeds dry
with hope or in cry
such a misstep
thinking too hard
when its root
is in feeling
Relating to that
buried deep
and we admire what
blossoms forth
but in the end
poems are like people
endlessly varied
in depth
and motivation
:iconpath-to-paradise:Path-to-Paradise 4 6
Self Sort
Give me an epic Bob
instead of your Aethery fluff
for when something is a "must"
I tend to ignore it
Paint with a colorfed glob
make it thoughtless and rough
the mental door will rust
when everyone adores it
Turning like a knob
instead of hooked to a cuff
with an always hidden lust
to keep the lure bit
:iconpath-to-paradise:Path-to-Paradise 2 7
Larissa's Song 4
Little over a year had passed since the night Larissa was moved. Aside from her morning chores and evening reading, each day was filled with adventure in the countryside outside her home. At first, living without the trees was an intimidating thought, yet at the same time being able to see across the vast hills and streams filled her young heart with a sense of wonder. She had been able to befriend a few small animals with promised treats and an abundance of patience. This sun-bright day found her on a large rock beside a circular lake. A rabbit cautiously nibbled on the root she held in her outstretched hand as her bare feet dangled in the cool water.
The place her Father had chosen as their new home was well out of the way of civilization, much like their prior home. Very few people found their way here, and half of those were usually by accident. A few times a man and a woman in hooded cloaks visited Larissa's Father, at which point he would shoo her out of the house to play, or go
:iconpath-to-paradise:Path-to-Paradise 2 6
Larissa's Song 3
Green fireflies danced in the night, fading in and out of vision as they fluttered amongst the twilight of the forest. Larissa watched quietly, her attention captured by the visual music these tiny lights created. One thing that brought her pause was the occasional red fireflies. Every so often as the night drew on, she spotted them. Always in a pair, they moved in a different pattern altogether, as though circling the humble dwelling her and her Father shared. She spotted them again and this time she couldn't hold it in. She turned from the window.
“Papa, why are some fireflies red?”
Her Father rose from his seat by the hearth and walked slowly to the window, drawing the cloth aside to peer into the quickly fading light.
“Where, L'issa?”
He always shortened her name, explaining that when she was bigger she'd grow into her full name.
Larissa peeked out beneath him, scanning the trees. There was no sign of them.
“They were just there. They'll be back, just wait
:iconpath-to-paradise:Path-to-Paradise 5 6
The Voice Heard By No Other
You say your voice isn't anything special
but not special
I disagree
and this is why:
When I hear you sing
your spirit shines through
fueled by a tender, loving heart
The softness of your whisper
carries with it
the weight of your passion
And I swear
a day cannot pass for me
without hearing you laugh
Call me biased
Dismiss me modestly
But I believe all that I say
For I have no reason to lie
your seemingly simple statement
'I love you'
instills a pride known by no other
So, thank you for your voice
and the humble girl it holds
it will forever be the key
to my happiness.
:iconpath-to-paradise:Path-to-Paradise 3 13
Larissa's Song 2
A pre-dawn thunderstorm threatened in the distance, the far away rumble rolled oddly through the crowded trees of the forest. Daylen picked up his pace for fear of losing potential tracks to the oncoming downpour. You could smell the rain in the air before it even touched the ground. Gusts of colder air danced through the limbs overhead, making the forest come alive with a loud rustling. A few other scents mingled in the wind, as well. Burning wood. Blood. There was something else that Daylen couldn't quite recognize. He held up a hand to signal the others to hold.
Larissa muttered under her breath, the contempt in her voice scarcely disguised, “Magic.”
Daylen and Larissa shared a nervous glance. Magic was incredibly rare in their world, but Larissa claimed to have been face to face with such things in the past. One couldn't help but feel anxious when the hair on the back of your neck stood up. Even more so when you had no hair there to stand. It felt like a ghostly glove tic
:iconpath-to-paradise:Path-to-Paradise 3 20
Larissa's Song
A lazy, drizzling rain set the mood as it dampened the minds and hearts of each patron before they entered the inn. A modest sized wooden and mud-brick building, Woodhaven Tavern sat on the road leading out of town, a stone's throw from the city wall. It is the last welcoming stop on the trail before it winds and plunges into the Shadowbrook, a forest of not-so-modest girth.
Each chilled and dripping soul is studied without their knowledge as they enter the warmth of the main room, being greeted with docile music from an unobtrusive figure sitting by the hearth. Daylen made it his business to take careful note of every single person in the room, even as he danced his fingers across the thin strings of his lute. As far as any of his audience were concerned Daylen studied vague, distant points as he played, as if staring into another world altogether. Sometimes he closed his eyes and let his ears take over, tuning out his own music to pick out sounds and sentences from the crowded room.
:iconpath-to-paradise:Path-to-Paradise 5 10
Mature content
Stars Promise :iconpath-to-paradise:Path-to-Paradise 4 16
Eleven Unspoken Things
You told me that things could have been handled better. Do tell. I'd like to hear your expertise. Were you there all of those tension-filled nights when you thought you had to hide every sharp object in the house? Did you have to listen to the tears that you could somehow hear from across the house? Tell me how you would have handled it better, in my place. If anything, I should have not taken it upon myself to be the keeper. That's how it could have been handled better.
You were once the cure-all for me, helping me forget. To not have to think too hard. At first, you helped inspire my poetry and enabled me to get the words out but after a while, I didn't need you anymore to do that. Now, I don't need you at all, and I'm sure you don't miss me. I sure as hell don't miss you.
We have no end of laughs from our childhood experiences. I admit that I was a brat half the time, but we still enjoy reminiscing about our memories from then. You are an important part of my life and I hop
:iconpath-to-paradise:Path-to-Paradise 2 21
Always Room
The hiss of boiling water as it bubbled onto the stove-top caught Drew's attention, causing him to drop his spoon into the pot of sauce. Reflex caused him to reach for it, singing fingertips with an uttered curse.
While the bubbling mini-crisis was taken care of his and burnt fingers sucked on, his attention was once again diverted by the chime of the doorbell. With a panicked glance to the clock, Drew exhaled in relief. He hadn't lost track of time.
“Go away!”
A soft laugh from outside the apartment door answered his grumble, “And if I refuse?”
“You're early!” Drew hurried to finish his task in the kitchen and set the places at the dining table.
“Better early than late, right? If you don't hurry I may end up running off with your neighbor.”
Drew muttered to himself as he lit the candles at the table, shaking out the match hurriedly. Andi always teased him about running off with his neighbor and Barry wouldn't hesitate to reliev
:iconpath-to-paradise:Path-to-Paradise 4 9
Temporary Lapse of Permanence
Too much time to think
such as finger-smudged ink
melts the words of our mind
until its an impossible find
The parting of two souls
together form a whole
in realization is lent
with a night apart spent
But what of many days
when thoughts become strays
and they cry alone cold
lost without a soft hold
Time feels at a standstill
like an illusory hill
that you can never pass
a cruel barrier of glass
These new reflections bend
old worries that did mend
becoming unraveled in ache
and a thirst without slake
Sleep helps bridge the distance
a quick break of the trance
that has threatened our hearts
with a deep sorrow
Breathe deeply my dear
and don't let that fear
of the storm and thunder
keep you from tomorrow
:iconpath-to-paradise:Path-to-Paradise 5 35
Your friends may be onto something
when they claim that it's good
to be apart now and then
The distance magnifies
small words
that have been written on my heart
in the night
they are usually left unheard
because the sound of you near
captivates my senses
Be it a soft murmur mid-dream
or the steady, slow rhythm of
a sleeping exhale
Even when you are unaware,
you fill my mind
and heart
leaving your indelible mark
with barely any effort
We'll never stop denying, however
because a moment without you is
a moment of held breath
Some call it an obsession
Others, possession
I call it life.
:iconpath-to-paradise:Path-to-Paradise 4 29
I Am a Big Fan of Chicken
That's OK. If you want to make up a cool excuse that's
fine. You have quite the imagination.
Glad to know that I helped lift your spirit with
my mere words. I suppose being a dork is not so bad
if it can make you smile. As far as I know the only
people that have a problem with dorks are too
uptight for their own good, anyway. Letter buddy?
That sounds kind of dorky, to me... so of course!
Mmmmh coffee. Sometimes I like to walk down the coffee
aisle in the grocery store and take a big whiff.
It's so awesome. I can't believe that something
could smell so freaking awesome and need sugar
and cream to be palatable.
Books and movies. Two of my favorite things! What
are you reading or watching lately? Today I bought a
book on ancient Greek history - I can't get enough
of that stuff.
As far as running into each other I hope we don't run
into one another too hard. Should I wear a helmet
when I go to the bookstore from now on?
I can't guarantee my dorkiness in person so much.
I think it
:iconpath-to-paradise:Path-to-Paradise 4 20
Tomorrow Is Up For Bid
Change what you can't accept
Amidst an absence, create
A wish becomes a goal
when it's more than a dream
and becomes a part of
How lucky
can we count ourselves
when a forgotten dream
comes to life
by chance
How rewarded
can we feel
when the dream
turns into a future
by our choices
The unacceptable has changed
a void filled
yet only a beginning
Where there's a will
there's a way
let's make this happen.
:iconpath-to-paradise:Path-to-Paradise 3 12

Random Favourites

Will You Be There
When the stars guide the moon
     and their shine brings something new,
        will you be there?
When I'm holding hands with you
     and admire the things you do,
        will you even care?
When your plans all fall through
     and I am still here for you,
        will you sit and stare?
When our world crashes soon
     and our hearts become confused,
        will you still be there?
We can converse amongst a garden of gentle embrace
Until the stars wilt willingly like celestial roses;
Resting beyond eternity above a sea that never fades
With a love that never dies and a bond that only grows...
When all that's left is love, will you still be there?

Daniel Haigh
Started: 01/15/09
Finished: 01/16/09
:iconlordazrael85:LordAzrael85 24 23
Happinessisjustthatfaraway by BrandNewWorld Happinessisjustthatfaraway :iconbrandnewworld:BrandNewWorld 4 2 :heart: by Ryosuke01 :heart: :iconryosuke01:Ryosuke01 122 0 'Good Boy...' by DolphyDolphiana 'Good Boy...' :icondolphydolphiana:DolphyDolphiana 1,066 67
Who am I?
I ask this question every once in a while,
but I can never find a definative answer.
I'm a punk rock headbanger,
but a blues loving gentleman.
I'm a Rock and Roll Rebel,
but Rythim and Blues lover.
I'm one of the Top Gear boys,
But I'm a calm, collected man.
I'm THE man for shenanigans,
but I'll follow all of the rules.
I'm a lover, I'm a brother,
I'm a winner, I'm a sinner,
I'm a peasant, and I'm a King,
I'm a loner, and I got this ring.
I'm a man of many talents,
but I have no a single skill.
I'm a brother to anyone,
but your worst nightmare.
I'm an individual,
but I blend right in,
I'm everything I wanted to be,
yet so far from all of my dreams.
I'm a contradiciton,
yet I'm sraightforward.
:iconredchevelle:RedChevelle 5 21
I don’t you think you understand
Just what you mean to me.
There’s something to be said about a man,
Who can make a girl feel free.
Free from this world.
Free from expectations.
Free from pretenses.
Running wild, being alive.
That is the precious gift your love brought me.
But you still curse yourself
Thinking you aren’t what I need you to be.
I need you the way you are.
I need this just as is.
I need you to run away from me,
And give another girl your precious gift.
:icondreamerzsonata7:DreamerzSonata7 3 8
The Night
Another night in a cold bed.
You know, it wasn't so bad,
before I knew who she was,
when I didn't have anyone.
Back then, it was just a bed,
just another place to sleep.
But now, it's like a prison,
where I do to reminisce,
of stories and laughter,
the way I felt you smile,
and how it's a memory now.
Did I mention that I can't sleep?
I've become a kind of insomniac,
ever since we had to part ways.
I sit in my bed a good two hours,
before I can finally fall into sleep.
My memories always turn to your smile,
and with that brightness in my chest,
I can never seem to drift into the dark.
Sleep is a weak, temporary escape for me,
for I'm reminded of you at every corner,
When there is a bright smile, blue eyes,
Or even the laugh of a woman, I turn,
With some idiotic hope mustering itself,
only to find another person who is not,
another person who never could be,
another woman that could never replace,
O, wretched heart of mine,
how you agonize and whine,
If only I could somehow cut you
:iconredchevelle:RedChevelle 3 12
Weight of Words - Full Version by Tacotits Weight of Words - Full Version :icontacotits:Tacotits 4 24
Dreams repeat themselves
intertwining with reality
leaving me with too much noise
too many thoughts
distorting whats fake and what's real
but sometimes even in noise
if you listen carefully
there is silence
Happiness is usually temporary
but can last forever
if I keep fighting for it
A never ending battle
to keep the demons out
They will keep coming
while I keep dancing on the edge
pushing them down with silent songs
and dreams of the future
All that will remain is silence
honouring the struggle it took
to get this far, to stay this way
to never change for anyone but yourself
to only do what feels right
You will know you are there
when the voices stop
and you can only hear yourself,
the wind blowing through your hair
singing a song of realisation
and acceptance
:icondelilah-loveless:Delilah-Loveless 11 14
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United States
I watched "The Ultimate Gift" with Cassy tonight.

Before I share my thoughts on this holiday-timed movie, let me just say that my observation of Christmas Movies/Specials in general have always been hit or miss. Mostly miss. This is in regard to the typical cliche or canned feel that is a part of mass-appeal schlock.

Perhaps that is what makes a select few stand out so much when it doesn't touch on those well tread lanes.

I really enjoyed "The Ultimate Gift". It not only made me think, but feel for the characters. I genuinely cared for the characters, in the sense that I was immersed enough to have a healthy suspension of disbelief.

Many people state that one mustn't forget "The Reason for the Season". I can't help but dwell on the concept of not necessarily remembering the supposed reason for a season, but to at least realize that the world does not revolve around oneself. It's multi-faceted and multi-personed. Is that a word? Oh well. You get my drift.

We can't always help being self-centered. It's a survival thing, even when we aren't aware of it. A true test of character may be what we do when we do realize that our decisions and motives in the past have been such. It's not always so easy to remove ourselves from this course of habit, however. It's incredibly hard to change ones environment because there are so many other forces out there tugging at an already established trend of behavior and dwelling.

Sometimes, however... you reach a point of no return. A breaking point, if you will. Some call it an epiphany. Others the last straw. Call it what you will. You start to take control of your life instead of sitting back and just letting things happen. You fumble along as you try to grasp a life that has changed in your perception and in many dimensions. This may cause you to lose a lot, but it plants a seed.

You stop giving many people in your formerly settled life what they want (or a motive to even deal with you). You set off alarms with the people that don't like drastic change or worry what they have to lose, instead of what you're trying to gain for yourself and those around you in the long run.

This is where you realize who your true friends are, how true you've been to yourself and others, and your choices suddenly seem to have more impact in what your future will contain.

This is when you realize that you have very few friends, but that isn't necessarily their fault - mostly your own. The path you took. The choices you made. "You" being "I/my/me".

Anyhow... just sharing my thoughts. Not any sort of doctrine. Thank you in advance for your thoughts or words.

Thanks for reading and have a Merry Christmas.




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